Nesto North



A new Bratislava district which will grow next to the Slovak and Austrian border. Nesto provides everything one requires for modern life in one location:

  • high-quality housing,
  • rich civic amenities,
  • excellent transport links,
  • proximity to the centre,
  • employment opportunities,
  • and a large number of leisure prospects.
  • Nesto will be an exceptional district – not only in terms of its complexity, but also concerning its ambition to meet many carbon footprint reduction targets.


    According to the TREND weekly leaderboard, Lucron became the second largest residential developer in Slovakia in 2019.

    The Lucron specialisation is large, predominantly residential development projects and the creation of integrated urban units. We focus on building entire locales, with the emphasis being on modern and welcoming urbanism, the environment, modern technology and public spaces.

    Lucron is part of the international iko real estate group, originally from Luxembourg, with 30 years of experience in real estate business. Lucron’s stakeholder is an established leader in the real estate market in Luxembourg – the iko real estate company.


    To be the catalyst for 21st century.

    IKO Real Estate is an international group based in Luxembourg with over 30 years’ experience in the real estate business. Its investment activities have reached as far afield as Asia and North America, and its world-class quality and experience have also found applications in Slovakia since 2005.

    IKO Real Estate identifies locations with strong development potential, for which it draws up large-scale mixed-use plans. It creates urban districts where life, work, shopping and recreation are integrated. Such projects reflect the demands of modern lifestyles and utilise innovative solutions in harmony with the patterns of modern living. The company has long promoted the values of social responsibility and its projects support sustainability and innovation.





    The competition will be conducted in the form of :

    According to its subject matter

    • architectural and urban design competition


    According to its purpose

    • project competition


    According to the circle of participants in the competition

    • private competition
    • anonymous
    • announced for predetermined circle of known invited participants
    • international competition and all communication will be English


    According to the number of laps

    • two-round

    Purpose and Subject

    The purpose of this design competition is to select the best ideological urban-architectural design and the development of the urban-architectural study Nesto North Masterplan.

    The subject of the competition is the elaboration of an urban-architectural design of a new part of the city with mostly residential facilities and services, but also with the implementation of Bussines – logistics functions.

    Detailed requirements for the content and scope of the solution of the subject of the competition are specified in the competition conditions and in the competition aids received by the participants of the competition.


    Competition Timetable

    First phase:

    Start of first phase:

    o     18th October 2021

    Site visit (exact dates will be specified individually): 

    o      October / November 2021

    Submission of the proposals:

    o      4th February 2022

    Evaluation of the submitted Proposals:

    o     7th February 2022 18th February 2022

    Announcement of the results:

    o    23rd February 2022

    Second phase:

    Specification for the second phase by the Announcer:

    o     28th February 2022

    Submission of the proposals:

    o     29th April 2022

    Submission of the models:

    o     9th May 2022

    Evaluation of the submitted proposals:

    o     10th May 2022 11th May 2022

    Implementation of the additional requested elements:

    Specification for the additional phase:

    o      18th May 2022

    Submission of the proposals:

    o      20th June 2022

    Submission of the models:

    o      27th June 2022

    Evaluation of the submitted proposals:

    o      28th June 2022

    Announcement of the results:

    o      To be announced

    Public presentation:

    o      To be announced



    Katarína Fejo

    Architect and urbanist
    stu department of urbanism and city planning
    bratislava, slovakia

    Peter Gero

    former head of dept. of city development
    hamburg, germany

    Pavel Hnilička

    Prague, czech republic

    Shahinda Lane

    Chairman of the jury
    Architect and URBANIST
    paris, france

    André Poitiers

    Architect and urbanist
    Hamburg, Germany

    *in alphabetical order


    Michal Marcinov

    Landscape architect
    Bratislava, Slovakia

    Sandra Huber

    Howald, Luxembourg

    Michal Brúsil

    lucron group
    Bratislava, Slovakia

    Dušan Štefanides

    lucron group
    Bratislava, Slovakia


    Marek Plocháň

    lucron group
    bratislava, slovakia

    Organizational team of the competition

    Ján Margen, Competition Director

    Martin Truba, Competition Secretary

    Juraj Čisárik, Competition Preparation Team

    Jarmila Štrpková, Competition Preparation Team

    Karina Danková, Competition Support Team

    Lucia Pukalovičová, Competition Marketing

    Michal Sýkora, Competition Website


    Change of submission date of the first phase

    We would like to inform you that due to impact of COVID situation on the work schedule of several teams we have received more requests regarding rescheduling of the submission date of 1st phase of the competition. After our internal evaluation, we have decided to postpone submission date from the 21st of January to the 4th of the February 2022 at noon

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